What is EverGrow EGC?

The first question anyone considering investing in cryptocurrencies should ask themselves is ‘What is EverGrow?, What is EGC?’. EverGrow is the world’s leading BUSD rewards token, having paid nearly $40 million in BUSD rewards to holders since its launch in September 2021. EverGrow was 2021’s fastest selling ICO, & then broke its own record when it launched its ecosystem token, Lucro, which sold out its multi-million dollar ICO within seconds in September 2022. EverGrow is run by a team of leading professionals in finance, marketing & crypto, & is touted as being one of the most exciting projects in crypto with the potential to one day be a top 10 project. 

What is EverGrow used for & how does EverGrow work?

EverGrow was designed to buy & hold, offering the potential for capital growth & BUSD rewards over the long-term. 

How do I buy EverGrow?

The easiest and most secure way to Buy EverGrow is to download Atlas Wallet. You can also visit our How To Buy EverGrow guide.

EverGrow (EGC) Wallet

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