Atlas Bank & MasterCard

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A seamless banking solution for Crypto users worldwide. Use your Atlas MasterCard with over 42 million merchants worldwide and make cash withdrawals from ATMs in over 150 countries. Link your crypto holdings to your own multi-currency FIAT bank accounts for easy transfers and payments.

A Low-Cost, Crypto-Friendly Bank in Your Pocket.

Atlas Bank connects the world of crypto with your multi-currency FIAT bank accounts. Transfer funds anywhere in the world, or direct into crypto. 

Low, Transparent Fees

International Transfers

Wide Choice Of Currencies

Physical Card or Contactless Payment with Apple & Google Pay


Stand out from the crowd with your own stunning Atlas MasterCard. Available in Metallic Gold, Silver or Black. Use your physical or virtual Atlas card via Apple & Google Pay with over 42 million merchants worldwide.

The World of Crypto & Banking Combined


Atlas Wallet allows you to Buy, Sell & Trade crypto, spend on the go, and connect effortlessly to your multi-currency FIAT bank accounts, all within one Secure & Easy-To-Use app. 

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