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What Are NFTs?

NFT means ‘Non-Fungible Token’. Fungible means “replaceable by another identical item”. An NFT is a unique digital identifier. It cannot be substituted or copied and is recorded in a blockchain that certifies its authenticity and ownership. 

NFTs can be collectibles. For example, a series of images in digital format that all have unique attributes, like Pokemon cards or Baseball cards. As NFT technology develops & evolves, it can be used to store digital records, like Real Estate transactions, medical records, or even tickets for events and sports.

How Do I Store NFTs?

Technically there are two parts to NFTs. The first part is the Smart Contract, and that is stored on the blockchain. The second part is the attached media, for example an image, and that is stored on centralized or decentralized hosting providers like Google or Amazon Cloud.

Atlas Wallet gives you direct access to both parts, meaning you can store and instantly view your NFTs without needing to leave your wallet.

Atlas Wallet Supports NFTs On These Blockchains

Ethereum (ETH)

Smartchain (BNB)

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