Atlas Wallet Is Available As A Chrome Extension

The World’s No.1 Crypto Wallet available directly on your desktop. Secure, convenient, feature-rich access to the world of crypto.

A Multi-Chain Wallet Offering Countless Advanced Features.

A true multi-chain extension including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Solana, Cardano, Polygon, Cronos & Avalanche C Chain.

Desktop access to all our standard Crypto Wallet features, including importing & creating new wallets, confirming transactions, sending & receiving tokens & NFTs.

Access Where You Most Need It.

Whether you’re at work, in your home office, or lounging on the sofa with your laptop, Atlas Wallet Chrome Extension gives you access to all the essential features of our wallet whenever & wherever you need it. 

Always Decentralised, Always Your Tokens.

With all the features needed to Buy, Store, Trade & Transfer cryptocurrencies, Atlas Wallet provides the first true alternative to risky, centralised exchanges. Your seed phrase, your tokens. 

The Atlas Wallet Browser Extension Works On…

Google Chrome

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